Artwork by Paul Guzzo


TV headlines of tragedies
I’ve seen things that I can’t unsee
Static signals of lines we’ve crossed
Ashes replace all that we’ve lost

Pain inside so deep it just wont soothe
What a world that we have left our youth

Killers, we create you
Apathy towards an honest truth
Filtered, in your solitude
Black box theory controlling you
It’s only devolution failing you

Thoughts and prayers
Fake emoti-Gods
I question if you’re human
And what planet that I’m on
Outstretch your arms, it can heal all your hurt
Head buried while the world ’round you burns

Devolution (I can’t unsee)
Devolution (Why can’t you see)
It’s devolution failing you

Released: November 17, 2017

Written by:
Matthew Paul, Rob Ferreira, Darren Furman, Mark Birkelbach
Appears on: Devolution (2017)
First played live: July 29, 2016
Performers: Matthew Paul: Vocals, Rob Ferreira: Guitars, Vocals, Darren Furman: Bass, Mark Birkelbach: Drums, Charlie Park: Programming

Published by: Saturday Morning Car Tunes [ASCAP], Days To Forget [ASCAP], Train Wreck Chords [ASCAP], Birkelbach Entertainment [ASCAP], CTL Publishing [ASCAP]

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